Friday, June 3, 2011

Declining firearms sales?

Not in Alabama!

A Hoover gun shop is expanding its business in response to a growing market for firearms used for personal protection and law enforcement.

Hoover Tactical Firearms, which opened nearly two years ago on U.S. 31, plans to relocate across the highway to a former Bruno's Supermarket, where the business will add a new lineup of features.

Plans call for indoor pistol and rifle ranges, an expanded showroom, classrooms and a deli. The company paid $2.4 million for the property and plans to invest up to $1.5 million in renovations.
Almost 20 percent of firearms purchases are made by women, and many of them are first-time gun owners. In 2010, the store's sales totaled $2.8 million.

This place is a nice little shop and hopefully the expansion will only make it better.  They're focus is law enforcement/tactical stuff, but I've spent a lot of money their myself.  In fact, this is the place where I bought my RIA 1911.  Hopefully we'll see some civilian training going on as well.

And what a boost to the local economy!  They're taking an empty building in the middle of town and expanding their business after doing $2.8 million in business last year.

So much for declining firearms sales!

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