Monday, May 2, 2011

Ammo Review: Remington Golden Saber 230gr. JHP

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from offering me the opportunity to do a product review for them.  I eagerly accepted and last week the brown truck of happiness dropped off a box containing 2 boxes (50 rounds) of Remington Golder Saber 230gr. JHPs.

The first thing I did was to shot four five shot groups at 3" targets from 7 yards.

These were not the best groups, but that's more me than the ammo.  Just to prove this I shot a single 5-shot group at 7/8" target pasty at 7 yards.  The result was this:

That's about a 1.5" spread.  I'm sure a more skilled shooter could get even better out of my gun and this ammo.  I did some speed drills, just to make sure the ammo would run in my gun reliably during rapid fire.  I had no issues.  All 50 rounds fed, fired, and ejected reliably every time.  

I shot my last 7 rounds at 25 yards.  I'm not the best shot at 25 yards, but the Golden Sabers did their part.  

Two to the head.

Five to the chest.

I would be perfectly comfortable using Remington Golden Sabers as my carry ammo.  Every round fed reliably in my RIA 1911.  Accuracy is as good as I can expect from my own skill level.  I really like the fact that this is a 230gr. JHP.  With .45 ACP the heaviest possible bullet is important to me.

Thank you to for the opportunity to review this great ammunition.  You can take a look at their full line of .45 ACP offerings here.  I'm also adding a link to their site to my sidebar. 


Kris said...

Can't beat having a good time for free. :) Nice of them to offer you a trial in return for review. "Brown truck of happiness" made me smile, mostly because when I get packages it makes me happy too. Nice!

RobertM said...

Yeah, it was nice. Hopefully it is the first of such opportunities.