Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 3 with no electricity.

Thee days with no electricity. I'm charging my phone in my work van to keep it going.  I'm doing a lot of reading by candle light. Keeping ice in the cooler for perishables. 

I wish I had a couple of oil lamps.  Those would be handy right now, as would a gas stove and water heater.  Let me tell you, cold showers suck!

At least I have running water.

Alabama Power's latest update says they'll have me going by midnight, May 4th.  If it takes that long I'll have been living (mostly) electricity free for a week.  It's really not so bad.


Kris said...

Oh man, and I thought the twenty-four hours we spent was bad. Sorry to hear it! I hate camping and am completely into the electricity, love-the-city-and-my-modern-comforts kind of thing. I heard Huntsville was hit REALLY hard. The house I used to live in got hit with three trees and is expected to be without power for more than a week. Yikes. Looks like everyone all over the South got hit pretty damn hard. Good to know your home survived.

RobertM said...

Yeah, it seriously sucked. Luckily I had no damage.