Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On The Range #43

I made the call the other day to spend a little bit extra on some .45 ACP and picked up 300 rounds so that I can run 100 rounds through my 1911 for the next three weeks, at least.

Yesterday I put the first 100 down range.  I did press outs for most of the first 50 rounds.  This is actually a difficult exercise for me.  I can't quite get it right.  I try to do press outs while dry firing, and I think more dry fire and slowing down on the range is the surest remedy. 

I also shot Dot Torture at 10 yards.  My score was abysmal.  I scored 22/50.

Out of 100 rounds I had no failures of any sort.  I cleaned my gun afterward without doing more than removing frame from slide.  Made sure the extractor was clean.  I'm thinking my extractor issue might be a result of it being dirty, but I don't know.  It's been suggested that I replace it, and I might. 

I'm at 1,620 rounds through my RIA 1911.  At 2,000 rounds I want to do a detail strip and cleaning, examine the parts to the best of my ability, and then give a comprehensive review.


Mike W. said...

Sounds like you'll be ready for that detail strip and review after this batch of ammo turns to noise.

I look forward to that post.

RobertM said...

I'm looking forward to writing it.