Thursday, March 3, 2011

On The Range #41: Getting in touch with my inner Russian

I haven't had the money for .45 ammo lately so pistol shooting has been put on hold for a bit.  I'm thinking the next time I've got a few extra Benjamin's I'll be hitting up LuckyGunner for a thousand rounds.

Anyway, I've got a box full of 7.62X54R, a Mosin, and plenty of spare time. 

I only put ten rounds down range, but it was enough to tell me what I need to know.  First, it hits about 6" to 8" high at 50 yards.  Since I can only get out to 50 yards in my backyard that's what I had to deal with.  Adjusting my point of aim put my shots where I wanted them. 

I did my shooting from prone.  I know I should shoot from some other positions, especially standing, but I was more interested in seeing what I can expect to do with this rifle.  From prone I'm comfortable putting my shots in a roughly 6" target.  I think I could keep my shots on a Nazi's chest at 100 yards.

I have a spot a short hike away where I could do some 100 yard shooting.  That's definitely going to happen soon.

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