Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun show.

Work has put us on a four on, three off schedule and I opted for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, which gave me the opportunity to go to the local gun show today with my friend Logan.  It was nice.  I saw quite a few things I would like to have (but of course did not have the cash for). 

Ammo prices were comparable to Walmart so I saw no reason to burn through what money I had on .45 ACP, though I was tempted.  I did however pick up a 1911 100 year anniversary shirt on the back of which is an M1911 and JMB's patent application drawings.  I also bought myself a Gadsden flag and a Colt 1911 armorer's manual.  The manual contains information I can easily get online, but it's nice to have something in print (which diagrams!).

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