Friday, February 11, 2011

Tactical flashlight

Back in the days when I had an AR I decided I wanted to mount a flashlight on it.  I couldn't afford to spend big bucks on an uber super tactical flashlight, so I picked up one of these instead.

I was really happy with it.  It put out great light and stood up to the abuse of many range trips attached to my M&P15.  I'd still have it, but I lost it. 

So I bought another one.  I've had it for almost a year.  I think I've changed the batteries once and I use it extensively almost every day since it is the flashlight I take to work. 

The other day I misplaced it and had to use my back up for a while.  Last night I washed some clothes, and then put them in the dryer before bed.  This afternoon when I got home I turned the dryer on to knock out some of the wrinkles and kept hearing a banging noise in the dryer. 

Opened it up and what did I pull out?  Why, my handy little tactical flashlight. 

And guess what, after being run through both the washing machine and the dryer it still lights up.  Not bad.

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