Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Speaking of the 1911.

I've owned four.  So far the most reliable has been the one I own right now, my RIA Tactical ('tactical' apparently meaning decent sights, commander hammer, and beaver tail in Filipino).  Once I got the magazine situation and cleaning schedule figured out I've had six honest to god failures, all FTEs, in 1,520 rounds.  Now, if I'm doing my math right that means the gun runs correctly  99.6% of the time.  The gun also shoots better than I can.  It eats whatever ammo I feed it.

My first 1911 was a Kimber Stainless II.  It didn't eat JHP very well and had other FTF issues that were probably magazine related.

Next was a Kimber Ultra Raptor that was really pretty for about two months and then the finish went to hell in a hand basket.  It also didn't really care for JHP and had FTF issues with all ammo with Kimber, Wilson, and Chip McCormick mags, though the Wilsons ran the best.

My next was an RIA GI 1911A1.  I liked it but didn't shoot it a whole lot.  Again, it shot better than I did and I don't think I had any failures with it, but only put a couple hundred rounds through it.  I traded it and a little cash for the Tactical model because I wanted better sights without machining the slide. 

My RIA is a 'junk gun,' but so far I can't complain.  I wish I'd spent the $1,200 that I spent on the Kimber Ultra Raptor on something in that price range from SA but I have no regrets about either of my RIA purchases. 

Frankly, if I can get the extractor issue figured out and handled, maybe swap out a few parts here and there I'll still have a sub-thousand dollar gun that shoots better than I can and is reliable enough for my needs.  It's not perfect, but the trade offs in other areas make up for complaints I might have.

I am a nostalgic lover of the 1911.  But hell, it does the job I need it to do too.

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Mark said...

I own a 1911 style STI Trubor, and it had extraction problems. I recommend you replace your stock extractor with an Aftec extractor. They are the best; and it will more than likely solve your issues.