Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On The Range #40: New Carry Ammo

After almost a month of no shooting I was finally able to get out on the range for some much needed trigger time.  I picked up 40 rounds of Hornady 230 gr. JHP+P to test in my RIA.  I need 25 rounds for a full load out to carry (8+1 in the gun and 2 8-round spare mags), so that left 15 rounds to shoot. 

I did a lot of shooting 3" Shoot N' See targets at 7 yards.  First I burned through my old carry ammo, 25 rounds of Winchester 230 JHP.  The majority of my shots were spot on, but I was dropping some low and left.  I really need to work on my trigger control.

Next I shoot the 15 rounds of Hornady I had to shoot.  Again, the majority went on the 3" target, but some went low left.  I can't wait until I can get a .22 1911.

Next I shot fifty rounds Winchester FMJ, doing some shooting with snap caps and working on reloads.  Ran through a couple of drills as well.  I had not trouble staying in the 8" circle, but it was hard to stay in the 3" without slowing way down.

My last 50 rounds went to Dot Torture at 7 yards.  I scored 29/50 which is better than I did the last time I shot it, but still not near my best so far.

While I was out today I also picked up a couple of new 8-round Chip McCormick mags.  I renumbered all my mags before hitting the range.  I did not have any failures to lock back on an empty mag, but I did get a FTE.  That's six FTE in 1,520 rounds.  I need to do a little research into the causes of this and see what I can do to correct it.

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