Friday, January 21, 2011

A writing goal.

Handwriting has been on my mind quite a bit today for reasons that will be made clear in a future post.  I love handwriting.  Most of my fiction writing has been done by hand.  I enjoy it, though I don't have beautiful handwriting like some people.  My printing is not bad when I set my mind to it, but I'd much prefer to have neat cursive writing.

Cursive writing is a skill that I learned in elementary school, and promptly forgot in high school when I was told, "If I can't read it, you're grade will be a you really want to risk it?"  I didn't think my cursive was bad, and I never had a teacher tell me it was illegible, but I wasn't going to risk it.  I think the teachers were wrong for not requiring legible cursive from all students, but I wonder how much control they had over the matter.  Probably not much.

Anyway, I've decided I want to regain my lost skill of cursive writing, and surpass it.

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