Monday, January 31, 2011

Sig .22 1911

This is a nice looking .22 caliber 1911!

I've been looking at a lot of these the last year or so and this one is the one I like the best at first glance.  That price seems fair and I’d be a little more likely to pick up one from Sig that a few of the other manufacturers putting them out. I know Sig’s rep, I don’t know the rep of the others (except maybe Browning).  Unlike the Browning offering this looks like it's a full size version.  When I first heard about the Browning I was excited, and then I saw that it was tiny and about twice as costly as every other .22 caliber 1911 clone out there.

I think a .22 1911 would make a GREAT training tool, and save me a ton of money.  This one I will definitely be keeping my eyes on.  It may, in fact, become my '1911 for 2011.'

H/t SayUncle

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