Monday, January 3, 2011

On The Range #37

I just finished putting my weekly 100 rounds down range.  As usual, I enjoyed it immensely and just wish I could afford a 1,000 rounds to shoot every week.

I did a little bit of everything this week with my first fifty rounds.  I did some shooting at various distances, ranging from 3 to 25 yards.  I did a little shooting from the ground, and I did some press outs.

I practiced my reloads throughout as that is one of my weak spots.  I think I'm starting to smooth them out a bit but I still have a long way to go.

Finally, I shot Dot Torture.  This week again saw a small improvement with me scoring 31/50.

 I've improved my score by four points, or shots, every time I've shot it at 7 yards since I started.  At this rate I should be shooting perfect (or near enough) within the next couple of months.  Maybe I can do it a little quicker but I'm in no rush. 

Then I'll move to ten yards.  I think when I do I'll start doing all of my other range practice at ten yards as well.  Right now I do the vast majority of my shooting at 7 yards. 

I have now put well over a thousand rounds through my RIA Tactical 1911.  I've been very happy with it for the most part and I've had only two malfunctions that I can't attribute to magazine issues.  Magazines have been the sore point for me, though.  I believe sometime soon I'll be doing a post-1,000 round review of my pistol and I'll go into more detail at that time.

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