Saturday, January 22, 2011

The fading tradition of the handwritten word.

I have always been an admirer of the handwritten word as a form of personal correspondence.  Opening an email or seeing a new post on your Facebook wall will just never compare to receiving a handwritten letter, note, or postcard. 

Writing, sadly, has all but faded away into the past.  Post cards, while still widely available, are probably one of the most forms of personal correspondence out there.  You see them in tourist shops the world over.  Most people who buy them only buy them for souvenirs, rather than to use them as a means of communication with friends and family. 

In the age of instant communication, when friends and loved ones are just a phone call, text, or instant message away, why would you bother taking the time to buy, write a quick note upon, and mail a post card?

This is why:

Many years from now, I'll be able to take this piece of cardboard out of the place I keep such things, read the message on it, and know that a friend took the time and effort to send it to me.  It's such a small thing, yet it means a lot to me.  You can't hold a text message in your hand years later.  It's likely you don't have emails from years in the past either.  And when is the last time you looked at Facebook posts from last month, let alone last year?

I'm not opposed to the new ways.  I like my smart phone, my blog, and email.  But they're nothing like a handwritten journal or diary, a long letter on fine paper, or a simple post card. 

Thank you, Kris. 

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