Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movie Review: Savior

Savior is a 1998 film starring Dennis Quaid.  I dropped it in my Netflix queue a while back because the story sounded interesting.  It arrived a couple of days ago and I had the opportunity to watch it tonight.

I was completely blown away.  This is one of the most emotionally gripping and heartrending movies I have ever seen.

With the war torn Balkans as a backdrop Dennis Quaid's character is a mercenary who has lost everything, and just doesn't care anymore.  His sole purpose in life is to kill.  As it's Muslims who took everything he loved, it's Muslims he seeks out by taking up arms with the Serbs.  It's easy to see how a man faced with what he was faced with would become exactly what he became, and also how he found his way back.

I guess this movie hit me hard because I could easily relate to Quaid's character's motivations.  It was with a certain satisfaction that I watched him walk out of the room in the US embassy in Paris where his wife and son's bodies lay in caskets, victims of a bombing by Muslim terrorists, down the city street to a Mosque and coldly start shooting Muslims at prayer.  Yes, a horrible thing.  But I could understand it.  And I don't know that, faced with the same situation, I wouldn't be severely tempted to do the same.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone wanting a look at an ugly war.

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