Monday, December 6, 2010

A.R.S Knives

I just found out from a friend of mine that A.R.S. Knives is a Birmingham, AL company.  I was unaware of this even though I had heard of them.  You may have their advertisements if you read the gun rags.  I'd actually considered picking up one of their Dog Tag Survival Knives.

The friend I just mentioned was recently hired by them as a machinist.  He's been looking for a job since he finished gunsmithing school in Colorado.  From what he tells me they've applied for an FFL and are going to be branching out into firearms starting with assembling ARs.

Anyway, check their website out at the link above.  They've got some really nice looking stuff.  I may see if I can get my hands on one or two items to review.

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