Saturday, November 20, 2010

On The Range #34

I put a hundred rounds down range today with my 1911.  It was nice to do a little shooting.  I tried to apply some of the stuff I've seen on the Magpul Dynamics DVDs.  Hopefully I'm getting it right. 

I shot three Bill Drills at 7 yards, and two El Presidente drills at 10 yards.  I shot a group of five shots at 25 yards which had a good 6" spread on it, minus one flyer.  I shot another group at 10 yards, this one 3 shots, which was 2".  I want to do some shooting from a rest at 25 yards to see how tight I can get the RIA to group. 

Last but hardly least I shot Dot Torture at 7 yards.  I scored a 23/50, which is pretty damned bad.  Hopefully I will improve on that next time I go shooting. 

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