Monday, November 8, 2010

On The Range #32

My friend Logan came over today to help me turn some money into smoke and noise.  A good time was had by both of us.

For the most part we just shot pistols, but I did put 150 of .223 through Logan's DPMS AR for shits and giggles.  I ran my two most problematic Wilson magazines through Logan's Springfield 1911 to see how they functioned in it.  They worked flawlessly so I'm thinking Chip McCormick magazines are going to be the way to go for my RIA.

I put 150 rounds through my RIA, starting off with a Bill Drill at 10 yards where I dumped 3 shots too low and then continued my warm up with two magazines of press outs.  I experienced one failure to extract and one FTF.  I had no problems with my one Chip McCormick magazine as the Wilson's continued to fail to lock the slide to the rear.

Logan and I did some timed shooting against each other.  I came out on top, but I shoot a lot more than Logan and he was not that far behind me.  I shot Dot Torture and scored 43/50.  I had hoped to do better, but shit happens.  I did a terrible F.A.S.T. @ 16.95secs*. (one 2sec. penalty and two 1sec. penalties).  I think that is the worst F.A.S.T. I've shot since I started doing it. 

Logan did his shooting with the Kimber Ultra Raptor he bought from me, a Springfield GI 1911, a Glock 30, and a Daewoo pistol in .22LR.  I was not aware until today that Daewoo made pistols. 

*Looking at my previous F.A.S.T. scores I actually improved, but it was still terrible.

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