Sunday, November 14, 2010

FedEx Sucks.

Recently I placed an order with Magpul for the Art of the Dynamic Handgun DVD set.  Magpul ships FedEx.  I prefer UPS, but whatever, right?  It's not like they're the US Postal Service... 

I get my tracking number and I impatiently check it 8 times a day.  When my package finally arrives in Birmingham 3 days later I get excited.  I had a bad day at work but at least I had something to look forward to when I get home.

No such luck.

I arrived home to find that no package had been delivered.  Checked the FedEx website and saw, "DELIVERY EXCEPTION, COULD NOT LOCATE ADDRESS."  It went on the truck in Birmingham.  Taking I-65N out of Birmingham you only have to make one fucking turn to get to my home.  And if you can't come directly here from Birmingham you should be able to find Mt. Olive Rd. from just about anywhere.  I shot off an email to FedEx with the shipping information and a note:

My package was scheduled to be delivered today, but when I arrived home this evening I found it had not been delivered and there was a shipping exception stating that the address could not be located.  My home is visible from the road and my mailbox is clearly labeled with the number 'XXXX' right next to my driveway.  There are no other driveways or mailboxes near enough to cause confusion.  I've also received shipments via FedEx in the past.  I don't understand the problem.
 FedEx replied the next day:

Dear Robert:

Thank you for contacting FedEx. We regret any inconvenience.

Our records show that the driver assigned to deliver your package is having difficulty finding the delivery address, and that a postcard notification has been mailed for additional information to locate your address. To help us follow up on this situation, please e-mail the following information to us:
- Your complete address with zip code
- The complete name and address of the shipper
- Your telephone contact number
- Any direction/landmark to locate your address

Once we received these shipment details, FedEx will send a message to the terminal/station and advise them of the correct delivery address. However, please be informed that an address correction is subject to charge and will be billed to the original bill to account number we have on file.

We look forward to hearing from you again, thank you for shipping FedEx.

Arun B.
FedEx Customer Service

I replied this afternoon:

Here is the information requested in the email sent to me.

My complete address:
XXXX Mt. Olive Rd.
Gardendale, AL 35071-3199

The complete name and address of the shipper:
Magpul Industries
400 Young Court, Unit 1
Erie, CO 80516-8440

My telephone contact number:

Direction and landmarks to locate my address:
Take I-65N from Birmingham, then take Exit 272 for MT. OLIVE RD., turn LEFT and drive approximately XX miles to XXXX Mt. Olive Rd. on the right. There is a white mailbox with large numbers 'XXXX' printed on the side. The home is a white single wide trailer visible from the road. The driveway is gated. The front yard is fenced.

Coming from I-65, about one half mile before my driveway, there is a closed store with signs saying GREEN VALLEY GROCERY. About 3/4 of a mile past my home is a bridge that crosses a river. It is the only bridge on Mt. Olive Rd.

Quite frankly locating my home should not be a problem as my mailbox is clearly labeled with the street number and there are no other driveways or mailboxes close enough to cause confusion. If your driver was unable to locate my home I submit that he or she is either incompetent or being dishonest. My job requires that I find people's homes every day and I am more than aware of the difference between a hard to find home and an easy to find home. Mine is one of the easy ones as it requires only the simplest of directions from Birmingham, directions that require ONLY A SINGLE TURN and that one open his or her eyes rather than staring off mindlessly into oblivion.

Robert McDonald
Now, honestly, anybody with half a brain should be able to find my home even WITHOUT the street number by using the information above.  At least, anybody with a head that isn't concave.  Oh, and the best part?  I have to wait until fucking Monday, an extra two days.  Fucking mouth breathing offspring of syphilitic whores. 

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