Thursday, October 28, 2010

On The Range #31: Rifle Shooting

I got off work early today and rather than burn through more of my supply of .45 ACP I decided to do a little rifle work. 

First up was the Mosin Nagant.  I put 25 rounds through the Mosin, shooting five groups of five.  I shot three groups at 25 yards.  I managed some pretty good groups with a couple of fliers, but I think I can do better with more practice. 

I moved back to 50 yards and shot two more groups.  These were pretty pathetic.  The first had three shots grouped tight but off the paper.  The second was pretty scattered all over a 6" circle.  Hopefully I'll be able to improve that as well. 

I think my goal for the Mosin is going to be to keep all my shots in an 8" circle at 100 yards, and I've got a long way to go if I'm going to get there.

After I finished with the Mosin I decided to shoot some more with my Ruger 10/22.  My main goal here was to fix my zero with my iron sights, which I did.  I put around 80 rounds of .22LR down range, and shooting from between 25 and 30 yards I was able to keep my shots fairly tightly grouped, but not tight enough. 

I need more rifle practice, and I'm definitely going to take a NRA Basic Rifle class at some point in the near future (I hope).

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