Monday, October 18, 2010

On The Range #29: 100 Rounds

I started to just do Dot Torture today when I decided to go shooting after breakfast, but I needed more than that.  I had a little over 100 rounds of .45 so I decided I'd put the whole box of Winchester I had down range.

I started my shooting off with a Bill Drill at 7 yards.  I failed epically with a time of 9.32 seconds and three of six shots dropped low, left.

After that I set aside 56 rounds for Dot Torture and F.A.S.T.

With what I had left I shot a lot of Mozambiques, did some shooting on the move, and practiced reloads.  I experienced quite a few failures today.  A failure to extract resulting in a double feed, and I have one magazine with which my gun will not lock back on when it's empty.  I had this happen at least once with the other mags, but with this particular one it won't lock back AT ALL.  I'm wondering if my gun is particularly dirty, or something like that.  The magazines are all Wilson Combat.

Dot Torture went very well today.  I forced myself to slow down and focus hard on the fundamentals.  This resulted in a 45/50 score, my best so far with the RIA Tactical.

After Dot Torture I did my first F.A.S.T. drill.  It was interesting, to say the least.  I think I'll be adding it to my weekly 'must do' list with Dot Torture.  I scored 23.11 seconds on the F.A.S.T., 2 seconds of which were a result of a miss on the 3X5 box.

Pay day is Friday, so hopefully I'll be picking up some more ammo and doing some more shooting next Monday.

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