Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's a witch!!!


You know what?  Go back far enough in my archives and you'll see that for a while I dabbled in 'witchcraft.'  You can not tell me this won't be used to burn O'Donnell, at least politically.  Wow, CNN, way to jump on the bigot bandwagon.  Funny how we only need to understand other religions and be respectful when those religions are killing innocent people in the name of Allah. 


Kris said...

I can't access whatever you've linked us to. Can you give us the gist of things?

RobertM said...

My dsl is down and AT&T 24/7 tech support keeps disconnecting me because accounts receivable has got some kind of hold on my account. Fucking bastards. I JUST paid them in full.

Anyway, it's about the Republican candidate for senator from Delaware. She was a tea party pick so even republicans are trying to trash her. She's apparently a devote catholic and running as both a fiscal and social conservative (social conservative meaning bible thumbed). She once talked about dabbling with 'witchcraft' in her younger years. Apparently she went on a date with a guy who was into it. Media is blowing it up like it's something that matters.