Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gun School.

I dearly want to take the Basic Pistol course offered by Shootrite Firearms Academy on November 20th.  Shootrite is the closest reputable gun school in my area, and I've wanted to attend one of their courses for a while.  This seems like the perfect opportunity.

I've taken an NRA First Steps course offered by another local trainer and I enjoyed it and felt I learned a lot.  I was actually scheduled to take a couple more of their courses but financial difficulties kind of ruined that.  They offer a course on self defense and the law that includes a long lecture by a local attorney and I will definitely take that at some point, however I think Shootrite is the better choice for my actual gun training needs.

I do a lot, relatively speaking, of training on my own, but it's nothing like actually taking a course with an instructor and getting feedback on where you are screwing up and where you are doing right.

Anyway, the Shootrite course will cost me about about $500 total (the course itself is $200).  If I actually get to attend, and if I enjoy it, and IF I can get the money together in time I may attempt to take the Defensive Handgun course they're offering in December.  That would cost me about a $1,000 with all the expenses that will be involved ($400 for the course, then ammo, gas, lodging, food, etc.).

The Defensive Handgun course is probably not going to happen just because of the expense, but there will be other opportunities in the future.  Basic Pistol is a pretty good bet, and as it's a one day course it won't be too much of a hardship.

I really want to get some more formal training.  I have no doubts that it will help me on my way to becoming the shottist that I want to be.

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