Monday, August 2, 2010

Not good enough.

As a result of findings during a review commissioned by Gen. David Petraeus, it has been made clear that troops are allowed to request airstrikes and artillery strikes against insurgents hiding in dilapidated buildings or other abandoned structures. Commanders conducting the review said they found some junior commanders had misinterpreted the rules to mean they weren't allowed to fire on such places.
As I said, not good enough.  If the enemy is holed up in a school packed with innocent school children we should be calling in air strikes and artillery to destroy the enemy.  The school and children are collateral damage.  That is war:  killing the enemy by the most expedient and least risky means.  That is war.

You want to save the children and stop the bad guys in the most safe way for civilians?  Annex the fucking country and send the FBI.  You know, the guys who are trained to stop bad guys without wiping out civilians?*

If you insist on fighting a war in such a way as to make people view you as the friendly police officer on the corner, who is just there to help, you will lose.

*I said trained.  I didn't say they're not perfectly capable of wiping out unarmed civilians anyway.

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