Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On The Range #18

Today's shooting session felt very productive. I worked on a lot of different things. I slowed down some to focus on fundamentals, and I worked on speed. I did quite a few repetitions of draw, aim, fire one shot just to see how quickly I can make a good hit consistently. So far we're talking 2.5 seconds in the 5 to 7 yard range...not very impressive.

I've noticed that follow up shots tend to be pretty quick, but that getting that first shot off is something I can't do faster than ~2.5 seconds. Maybe I can get that down, but I have my doubts. I can only move so fast on the draw, but maybe I can increase my speed. We'll see.

I also did a lot of shooting with movement. I've found that I can reliably and repeatable hit my target while on the move. Accuracy falls from a stationary position, but I'm able to do it. As with everything, more practice!

More and more I'm feeling the need/desire to get some more formal training under my belt. I just wish it weren't so damned expensive.

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