Thursday, July 22, 2010

JayG has a post up about a guy facing a mountain of charges after shooting a Canada Goose.

Here's a little of what Jay had to say about it:

But jackasses like this douche poison the well for all law-abiding gun owners. For every hundred of us, every thousand even, that own and use our firearms responsibly, all it takes is one jackoff shooting at geese in his apartment complex to hand the media a gift-wrapped stereotypical gun owner. Ignorant of the law, indifferent to public safety, careless with dangerous weapons; this guy has every single negative connotation with which the antis love to tag gun owners. Hell, look at the damn mugshot. All the guy needs is a mullet to be more of a caricature...

In comments, I had to disagree.

I find killing a non-vermin animal (and I say there is some debate as to whether Canada Geese are vermin or not from individual to individual) for anything short of a meal or to protect yourself makes you an asshole. An asshole, not a criminal.

Everything else this guy did? He's a victim of government abusing it's power, and I'm not going to blame the victim even if it would be politically expedient to do so and even if he could have made choices such that he wouldn't be a victim.

I can see arguing that shooting a gun in an apartment complex is unsafe, but I don't think he did so in an unsafe manner.

On first thought our reaction is "OH MY GOD HE SHOT A GUN WHERE PEOPLE ARE!!!!!!" But really? How close are other people to you when you're shooting at the range, or with friends? And how easy is it to be safe in that situation.

I don't know the whole situation. I don't know if he was shooting at geese in the air (unsafe) or on the ground (aim at what you want to hit...goose, be sure of what's behind your target...the ground).

I think this comes down to a matter of, "Don't do that, you'll scare the white people." And that's not good enough for me.

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