Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasures.

Picked this up from JayG.

1. Designer soap. I shit you not. When I can afford it I buy my soap as Bath and Body Works. Point in fact, I tend to go a little over the top when it comes to skin care (if I can afford it).

2. Kinky porn. The freakier the better. I admit it. Love the stuff.

3. Sappy music, like Nora Jones and Dido.

4. Nice clothes. If I can wear a button down comfortably I will. Better if I can wear a nice jacket as well. Even better when I have the rare opportunity to wear a suit. I'm probably the only guy in the country who lives in a trailer older than he is but has a Brooks Brothers suit hanging in the closet.

5. Tacticool stuff. I have Oakley sunglasses, and I have Oakley gloves. Blackhawk! knee pads? Check. When I had an AR? PMAGs and rails galore, AFG, single point sling, flashlight, etc.

6. Cartoons. Gummy Bears and Sonic the Hedge Hog are in my Netflix queue. I loved Avatar: The Last Air Bender (the live action movie kind of sucked though).

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Kris said...

Ha! This was fun to read. I may do one after I've had a chance to think over what I'm willing or unwilling to divulge. :) Thanks!