Monday, June 21, 2010

Pile on everyone.

Why does bad shit seem to all come at the same time. Romance problems when things in that department are starting to look up. Money problems when things are actually starting to get paid on time.

The latest? I find out I owe (collectively with another person) almost $900 to an apartment complex I lived at two freaking years ago because I didn't give thirty days notice I was moving. Okay, fine. Fuck you. Whatever.

So I'm talking to the collection guy. I can't pay a settlements (about $600) cause I don't have it. I can set up payments, pay every two weeks, and be done with it in six months. I'm all set to do that. Then the other show drops. They can't wait until my next paycheck to start taking payments. They needz it NOW!!1111

Well, fuck you. I don't have it now. Please work with me, I says. No, he says. Fuck you, I says. And then I hang up. Probably not smart, but I don't feel I owe this money in the first place (long story...suffice it to say always get written statements from people who you have money dealings with...and I ain't talkin' about roommates).


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