Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On The Range #16

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had a chance to get any shooting in so today I made a point of putting some rounds down range. As usual I was shooting my Kimber Ultra Raptor, and drawing it from my new Don Hume holster.

I changed up my 100 Round routine a little bit. I cut down the number of Bill Drills and Mozambique Drills I've been doing and am left with an extra 18 rounds. My plan is to use those 18 rounds for movement drills, but today I felt I needed a little straight up bull's eye shooting instead. I was feeling off and I needed a little confidence booster at the end.

My baseline time for the Bill Drill was 8.31 seconds, and for the Mozambique Drill 7.30 seconds.

My thumb is still causing me quite a bit of discomfort and I think that definitely had an effect on my shooting. This seemed to prove out when I was doing strong hand vs. weak hand shooting.

Strong hand:

Weak hand:

As you can see, I was actually shooting better weak hand than I was strong hand. This is not typical of my shooting.

My Bill Drills were less than perfect to say the least:

B1: 11.85 seconds

B2: 8.97 seconds

B3: 12.23 seconds

My Mozambiques were actually pretty good, if on the slow side:

M1: 6.32 seconds

M2: 5.54 seconds

M3: 6.01 seconds

My last 18 rounds went, mostly, into the 8" bull's eye. I did 'ok,' but I'm still jerking the trigger. I need to do more dry fire practice and look into getting some snap caps to mix with live rounds to work on my flinch.

All in all, I had a good time. I need to get more practice in, and I hope next time I can get some movement worked into my practice session.

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