Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the whole NRA 'banning' guns at the annual convention.

It should have been held elsewhere. Period. It was a bad decision and the NRA should own it instead of making mealy-mouthed excuses. After reading the explanation they gave Uncle I can't help but conclude that they're full of it and doing damage control. Every NRA member, ever ticket purchaser, is a participant by the simple fact that they paid money to participate.

If there was any confusion it should have been worked out before choosing this particular location. IF they did understand this to be the case before hand another location should have been chosen.

And, the NRA has lawyers that should be more than capable of making the local DAs piss themselves and go cry in a corner.

My annoyed thoughts on the matter, anyway.

More here, here, and here.

At Uncle's blog someone refers to the people complaining as crybabies. Yep, people are crybabies for complaining about not being able to exercise their right to bear arms at an event that is celebrating the organization that is supposed to be protecting their right to bear arms.

The NRA could have picked another location. The NRA should have picked another location. Shame on them for not doing so.

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