Sunday, May 9, 2010

On The Range #14: Defensive Ammo Testing

My range time has been extremely limited lately due to the fact that I lost one job and started another. Cash flow has been very unreliable, and I'm having to wait a month to get my first paycheck. I did get my hands on a little money though, and it was time for me to change out the defensive ammo I've been carrying in my Raptor.

I'm a fan of Hornady TAP, and that is what I've usually kept in the Raptor for the last couple of years. I do try different ammo selections from time to time but the TAP has been the best so far.

I've been trying to give plenty of business to a new local gun shop and so when I went in the other day I decided to pick up a couple of boxes of defensive ammo to try out. He had Speer Gold Dot and Corbon in stock. I have not used Corbon in a while so I decided to go with that selection this time.

I warmed up by shooting a magazine of the Hornady TAP rounds. After that I shot three 5-shot groups at center mass on an IDPA style target with each selection. I also made one head shot to finish of my test ammo after the final 5-shot group.

Results for the TAP were as follows:

All of my groupings with the TAP were fairly tight considering my skill level. I was shooting from about 7 yards in modern ISO, no bench rest. I guess a bench rest would give me more precise groups, but I'm more interested in how this stuff 'really' shoots. I realize I should also do some speed shooting and shooting on the move with defensive ammo just to get a 'real' feel for it.

All in good time.

The results of the Corbon:

As you can see there isn't any real noticeable difference between my groupings. It's making me question my previous defensive ammo test. My skills have improved a fair bit and I may need to test some of the other stuff again (like the Speer Gold Dots). I'd also like to get some ballistic gelatin to use in my own test, but I think that is getting a little more involved than I want to at the moment. Maybe if I were getting paid for this....I have read where people have used hams to test the performance of ammo. I may look into that at some point.

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