Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, NO! Toy guns are REAL GUNS!!!!1


Felons, illegal immigrants and all others banned from buying a gun in the United States have a new alternative if they’re looking to get their hands on a firearm: Just buy a toy.

A investigation reveals that a popular recreational pellet gun can be converted easily to a real semi-automatic weapon. And while the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is already aware of the issue, these “toys” -- new, top-of-the-line airsoft rifles -- continue to be sold throughout the country.

Like paintball without the paint, the propane-powered airsoft guns are designed to shoot quarter-inch plastic pellets and are generally used for recreation or in military and law enforcement training.

When the ATF seized a shipment of 30 of these guns in October from a port in Tacoma, Wash., it said they could be “readily convertible” to machine guns. But gun experts called that claim absurd and said the ATF was overstepping its bounds.

Now one of those critics is reversing his position, saying at least one airsoft manufacturer has taken the quest to be authentic a little too far.

“The airsoft can be converted to an AR-15,” firearms manufacturer Leo Gonnuscio told after testing the make and model of airsoft guns seized by the ATF.

Having concluded that several other airsoft guns could not be converted to fire real ammunition, Gonnuscio said he was surprised to find that he was able to to transform this particular gun to the real thing -- and with “minimal work,” because its bottom half, or “receiver,” is so similar to an AR-15's.
To make the airsoft receiver function just like an AR-15’s, Gonnuscio said, “All you have to do is drill one hole.”

And once that's out of the way, the rest is even easier. The AR-15 receiver is the only part of the semi-automatic rifle that is given a serial number, and is the only part that is regulated. All the remaining parts of the real thing can be purchased by anyone – any kid, criminal or terrorist.

Um. Well, damn. Better ban those toy guns...and regulate gun parts. Yep, yep. Better get right on that. After all, it's not like you can build a gun from materials you can pick up at any decent hardware store and then manufacture them in your home.

The reason it’s possible to make these airsoft receivers function as real receivers is that all an AR-15 receiver does is hold the gun together, Savage said. So with enough gun knowledge, almost anything can be made into a receiver.

“There’s a line of AR-15 firearms out there where the lower (the receiver) is made entirely of injection molded plastic … It could be made of cardboard and scotch tape,” he said.

Time to regulate the sale of cardboard and scotch tape!

Call me a skeptic, but I have to ask a few things:

Has any criminal ever converted one of these toys into a 'real' gun?

Did the reporter/s who contributed to this story actually see any working models, or are they relying on the 'expertise' of two men?

Why didn't they also point out that anyone with 'a little gun knowledge' can build a gun from stuff bought at Home Depot?

And yes, all of those are rhetorical.

I'm all for keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, but give me a break. All of the things necessary to turn a toy gun into a real gun are illegal to do. It would be cheaper, and easier, for a person to buy a stolen gun or steal a gun. And if they had the money and know how to convert one they could just buy some machining equipment and make the real damn thing.

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