Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today is absolutely beautiful.

I'm sitting here on my couch, doors and windows open, listening to the breeze blow, the birds chirp, and the bees buzz. I have a view of beautiful blue sky with just a hint of white clouds here and there. There is traffic on the road in front of my home, but even the sound of it passing by seems relaxed and just sort of fits the atmosphere.

I have the day off with pay so that I can prepare for my interview this afternoon. The preparation will consists of a shower and shave, and putting on some decent clothes for a skilled labor job interview. A haircut may be in order as well, but I've yet to decide.

I'm going to spend most of the day being lazy, and just enjoying it. There really isn't much else to do, aside from a few household chores that won't take up much of my time between now and this afternoon.

This is just a really nice day. The perfect kind of day for what I hope will be a new, and profitable, beginning. I feel a fair amount of nervousness, and nothing is for certain, but I feel like I am on the cusp of overcoming another of life's challenges, another tumultuous adventure, and that I stand a good chance of coming out of this in a better position than I was before.

We shall see what the future holds. It's strange being this optimistic.

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