Sunday, April 11, 2010

Building a 1911.

I'm thinking of attempting to build a 1911. I've a great deal to learn in the meantime but I'm pretty sure I can do it. It's an exciting prospect.

I've been looking into parts, and prices, and it will probably be an expensive project. At the same time I can see it as being a very rewarding experience. Tools will be required, as well as getting the frame shipped to an FFL. A local gun shop just opened up, and I'm sure the owner would appreciate the business.

I'm going to start this project by learning the 1911 pistol intimately. I need to pick up an assembly/disassembly guide, as well as those tools I'll need to detail strip the two pistols I own.

I'm going to start my tinkering with my RIA "Government" M1911-A1. Might as well start with the original and go from there. When I've done it often enough to be confident in my abilities I'm going to move on to detail stripping my Kimber Ultra Raptor. I'll probably replace a few parts (springs) while I'm at it.

This could be fun if I can manage to get the project off the ground. That will probably depend a great deal on how well the new job is going.

I'll document my progress here, one way or another.


tom said...

Get an unfinished receiver from the fine feller and all around nice guy at KT Ordnance and BUILD IT YERSELF.

NO FFL REQUIRED. NO 4473 REQUIRED. No 01/02/07 FFL of your own REQUIRED.

If you properly scratch build a 1911, you're going to have to fit the slide to the frame anyway. They won't just slide together/pin together/screw together when you buy the parts and "drop-in" parts never are. It's not that much more difficult to start from a mostly finished frame and it gives you more options in your build.

Tinker on the one you have now, figure out how everything works. Study the design and what parts do and what tolerances need to be and build yer own damn gun!

Building from a "frame and parts kit" is near as much work and it won't be uniquely yours :-)

Happy Smithing from the man who brings firearms into the world he serial numbers "1-4-TOM-MSSA", "1-4-TOM-JPFO", and "1-4-TOM-GOA" because it's his own dang choice what serial number he puts on things he builds for himself iffin he wants to serial number them at all as long as nothing is NFA.

If they aren't for resale you don't need anybody's permission unless you live in a gun banner state.

RobertM said...

Thanks for the comment. I may do that. As it goes I'm going to buying a more than few tools to for this project anyway so I may go whole hawg.