Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tam has a good post up about good habits:

When I juice up the gun administratively, I check the chamber. When I pick up a pistol that has been out of my control or observation, such as when I get dressed in the morning, I check the chamber. Now, does that mean that I think that gremlins have sneaked in and unloaded my heater overnight? No it means I check because I always check; this is the purpose behind things like safety checklists for everything from pistols to Piper Cubs to pebble-bed nuclear reactors, you are removing the question of "Do I or don't I?" from the loop. You do. Period.

This is tied in to another thing I often read on the internet "You carry a gun to the (grocery store/restaurant/nice neighborhood/sewing circle/whatever)?" No, I don't. I don't carry a gun "to" anyplace; I just carry a gun. I put the gun on in the morning with no more emotional freighting or special foresight than my shoes. In fact, probably less, because I may wear different shoes, but I always carry the same gun.

I remember when I first started carrying a gun and people would question the places I carried (everywhere legal, then and now). I'd always shrug and ask, "Why not?"

"But at the bank?!"

"You mean the most likely place I go on a regular basis where I stand a chance of being the victim of armed robbery? Why yes."

Chamber checks? Well, hell, that's just a good habit like the turn signal or brushing your teeth.

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