Friday, January 15, 2010

The Ruger 10/22 Carbine.

The Ruger 10/22 is probably one of the most recognizable firearms in the United States. I was given one by my grandfather when I was about 12. I shot it every chance I got. I kept it in my room. I took it on hikes. I felt safe with it, because I knew I could defend myself with it if I had need.

I currently own two. One is the one my grandfather gave me. I left it at home when I moved out and somehow between that time and my grandfather's death the stock was broken. I really need to get a replacement, and put that gun through it's paces again.

The second I bought about a year after I moved out on my own. I already had a HK USP .45 and a Ruger Mini-14 (both of which I've since sold). I wanted something that would be a little cheaper to shoot and so I bought the little Ruger .22 carbine.

I think the saddest part is that I don't shoot my .22 often enough. It's a great gun, and I do have a lot of fun with it, but it doesn't quite give the same thrill as my larger caliber guns.

Hopefully, that will soon change. Since buying my S&W M&P15 I've wanted to improve my skills with a carbine. .223 ammunition can be expensive though, and while I don't mind buying the stuff it does make me hesitate to shoot up all my ammo in a good range session. The answer to my dilemma has been sitting in my closet.

I pulled out the second Ruger tonight and gave it a look over. It's been neglected, and showed it. I went over the barrel and other exposed metal with a bronze brush in order to remove some rust freckling. I ran a bore snake through the barrel a few times. I oiled it, and wiped down all the exposed metal with a silicone clothe.

Hopefully I'll get to put a few rounds through it soon and work on my rifle shooting skills.

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