Sunday, January 10, 2010

On The Range #7: A little of this, and a little of that

I did quite a bit of shooting today. I was shooting both carbine and pistol.

First, I'd like to say that I LOVE my new single point sling. It's great being able to go hands free. So far it works well and doesn't get in the way. I need to do some more comprehensive carbine practice to test is for sure though.

So anyway, I was mainly concerned with checking the zero on my M&P15 today. It is dead on at 25 yards. I can't get out to 200 to see how it does there, but I'm pretty confident it would do well as long as I could do my part. The best ammo by far was Winchester Silver Tip. Hornady 55grain did well also. My cheap-o Russian stuff also shot reasonably well.

Most of my shooting was done at 25 yards, but I also did a little at around 100 and 75. I had a lot of fun with it. The thumb break grip method seems to work well for close up stuff (I have yet to do any testing of shooting on the move), but I noticed I tend to use a different grip when shooting at 75 yards or further, or when shooting from anything but a standing position. Different grips for different types of shooting? I think yes.

After satisfying myself that my carbine is ready for some more comprehensive practice drills I transitioned to pistol shooting. After the last time I went shooting I decided to develop my own 100 round drill. The drill is as follows:

Warm up = 8 rounds (1 magazine) slow fired

Strong hand only = 16 rounds, 1 slow and 1 fast

Weak hand only = 16 rounds, 1 slow and 1 fast

"Bill Drill" = 7x6 rounds at 7 yards, 4 slow and 3 timed

"Mozambique Drill" = 5x at 7 yards, 3 slow and 2 timed

Head shots = 3 well aimed head shots at 25 yards

Times for the Bill Drill were: 5.77 seconds, 5.90 seconds, 7.21 seconds

All of these were faster than the first time I did the Bill Drill so hopefully things will keep going that way.

Times for the Mozambique Drill were: 3.77 seconds and 4.43 seconds

I've never timed the Mozambique Drill before so these will be the times for me to beat next time.

Later on I want to incorporate some movement, failures, and shooting from unnatural positions into my practice. For now I want to keep working on the fundamentals and I think what I have in the 100 round drill is perfect for that.

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