Friday, January 1, 2010

Concerning open carry.

I have no heartburn with Uncle's or Wolfwood's stance, just so long as they continue to realize that their personal choice is not incumbent on everyone and shouldn't be.

As others have stated it isn't and either/or nor is it an open carry vs. concealed carry ONLY proposition.

I see no reason to believe, though, that we can ever return to the normality of Americans not being fearful of armed peaceable men if we continue to hide the reality from them. Only open carry can normalize the false impressions now abundant in society. That doesn't mean no one should conceal carry, but it should mean that conceal carriers do not vilify their more open brethren.

More here, and here.

My personal opinion on 'open carry' is that there is no valid reason it should not be allowed at all times and in all places. That is to say, my feelings on open carry exactly mirror my feelings on concealed carry.

The biggest thing to realize about open carry is that it is a whole different animal from concealed carry. People should take their cues from those who do it every day, LEOs, and tailor their open carrying habits accordingly by having, at the bare minimum, a retention holster and some practice in retention (which you should already have if you only carry concealed...someone may still make a grab if Murphy comes to play).


Robb Allen had this to say in comments on Uncle's post (second 'here' above),

There are legitimate reasons to want to avoid Open Carry. Having your gun taken from you is not one of them.

How many cops are jumped and have their guns stolen? I mean, if thugs are looking for easy guns (I guess stealing them takes too much effort these days), why aren’t they picking on cops? Cops have guns and have minimal retention training. If smash and grabs were as common as people make them out to be, why aren’t there dozens of stories a month? I expect the same behavior from my side as I demand of the anti-gunners – Show me the proof that this is the case.

Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle. I understand and respect that. I have a family that relies on me to provide for them and cannot afford to push issues as hard as I would like. I can’t OC because I live in Florida but I assure you, I would if it were legal. Not because I want to make a political statement – I can do that with a bumper sticker or a t-shirt – but because it is both more comfortable given our climate, and we need more people willing to get our culture back into the mainstream, and we can’t do it if everyone conceals.

Not everyone is a good ambassador to gun ownership, but open carrying is no different than ownership in general. If you value freedom, then you must deal with the fact that some people are going to do stupid things. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support those who are decent carriers.

Just like some thugs will commit crimes with guns, we’re still supportive of other gun owners because we know the criminals are an infinitesimally small percentage and that by and large, gun ownership is a benefit to society. I am perfectly content with people not desiring to OC themselves because of the hassle, but it bugs me to no end to see the dismissive attitude towards those who do when you should be glad someone is willing to put up with everything to get guns back into the main stream.

OC isn’t a political statement for me, it’s an awareness statement. Sure, some idiots are ‘loud and proud’, but you gotta let the idiots Darwin themselves.

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