Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ban NBA players who own guns?

Ed Shultz, on MSNBC, is calling for the NBA to ban players from owning guns. Cause they set a bad example to THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!

I've said before that pro-gun groups and individuals need to do more to reach out to pro-athlete gun owners. Let's get them in some NRA classes and get them the proper legal documentation they need. They've got the money to go after permits in places most people can't or won't. While some do suffer from stupidity a few just suffer from ignorance.

Take Plaxico Buress. The guy had a CCW in his original state of residence, but not in NJ or NY where he was living and playing. He had the money to hire a lawyer and jump through the hoops of getting permits in both states. He didn't because he figured the Florida permit was good enough (and would be in a just society and hopefully will be one day). Had he had proper training he may have had the gun in a holster and his ND never would have happened.

If we could have got to him before things went bad could his troubles have been prevented?

Maybe. And we could have a good representative out there who is recognized and respected.

I don't think we should take any responsibility for another individuals lack of good judgement, but we do seem to be failing to take advantage of available political and social resources to help further the Pro-Gun cause.

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