Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remember that machine gun shooting?

Yeah, so it wasn't a machine gun after all. It was a semi-auto pistol that looked like an uzi. But that doesn't matter because:

At first, police thought the weapon was an Uzi submachine gun, which caused news of the shooting to spread widely online. The gun was later identified as a TEC-9, also known as a DC-9 -- a semi-automatic "assault pistol" that can be converted by owners into an automatic weapon. It looks like a miniature submachine gun, and police described it Sunday as about a foot and a half long. It is not on the legal handgun roster maintained by Maryland State Police.

Note that this gun was not legal to own in Maryland even if the shooter had aquired it legally. Also note that if the gun was really easily 'converted by owners into an automatic weapon' the person who had it would also be facing federal felony charges. I didn't see that mentioned anywhere in the article.

The police spokesman ask how a 19 year old gets a semi-auto pistol. Well, if it's illegal for him to buy it, what does that leave??????

By the way, I'm a gun nut, but what the hell is an 'assault pistol'? I mean, an 'assault rifle' is one which looks like a military rifle. Are we going for the same thing here or is it called and assault pistol just because it's so ugly it's assaulting to the senses?

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