Monday, December 28, 2009

In other news...

Security at airports is just as effective at stopping terrorists from boarding planes as ever, that is to say a complete fucking disaster.

And of course the solution is more ineffective 'security.' I intend to continue not flying. I love to fly, but the security measures that are in place, and that continue to be added to, don't work and never will; therefore, they're not worth the trouble of putting up with. If it weren't for a bad detonator and a pissed off Dutchman (who damned well better never pay a bar tab in the US) we would once again be mourning our loss because some soul less bastard with daddy issues thinks he'll be rewarded for his murder of random strangers.

My rule for a few years has been "If my gun is unwelcome, then so am I." I see no reason to change it. Driving is a more comfortable way to travel anyway.

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