Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't fire until you see the blue of their helmets!

Obama's new executive order annoys me to no end. I don't mind INTERPOL operating in the US. They're cops and, hopefully, tend to go after bad guys. But if they're operating here they need to follow our rules. They do not need immunity to go after criminals.

INTERPOL has the potential to be a great organization, but it also has the potential to become a very bad one (If Wiki can be trusted it was for a time controlled by the Nazis). Everyone wants to see the bad guys go down and I fully support any effort to do that so long as it doesn't infringe upon individuals' liberty. Removing INTERPOL from scrutiny and oversight by US authorities allows for a lot of potential abuse of liberty.

I'd like to believe in the goodness of this organization, but it's current and former Secretary Generals are not men I'd place my trust in, the latter being a man who was forced to resign after being charged as a criminal in his home country. Forgive me if I find it all to easy to see INTERPOL agents used to further the UN's anti-gun agenda. It's a slippery slope I'd just as soon stay the he'll away from, considering I see the US as already having far too many overly burdensome 'law enforcement' organizations (BATFE...cough...cough).

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