Sunday, November 22, 2009

I say nay nay.

Last night I went to the Star Dome Comedy Club in Birmingham with a couple of friends of mine to see John Pinette. That is one hilarious man. It was a very good show if you ignored everyone that came before him. If you ever get a chance to see John Pinette live don't pass it up.

I should mention I had completely forgotten about going to this show until my friend called me and asked when I was meeting him. After asking what the hell I was supposed to meet him for he reminded me what we were doing. Oops. I took a quick shower, dressed, and headed out completely unprepared for a late night as I was TIRED. It was worth it though, and I'm about to sack out early to make up for it.

I hope to return to the Star Dome December 26 to see Jeff Dunham. We'll see if Murphy will let that happen.

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