Sunday, October 25, 2009

On The Range #1: The Mozambique Drill

Today my shooting was restricted primarily to the Mozambique Drill (also called the Failure Drill). For those unfamiliar with it, this drill involves a double tap to center mass after which you assess your target, and if you find the double tap inadequate you follow up with a well aimed shot to the head. The gun I shot was my Kimber Ultra Raptor II pistol.

I was limited to under a hundred rounds so I figured this would be a good drill to help me practice double taps and head shots. My first fifty rounds were Federal FMJ target rounds.

It quickly became apparent that I am not that good at this drill. My double taps, while not great, were mostly center mass. They could improve, and I will practice to do so, but I consider them acceptable.

My head shots were atrocious. They were all on target, but mostly in the chest and occasionally in the shoulder area. My shots were going low.

I've noticed this every time I shoot. All of my shots tend to go low, and it is worse when I shoot +P ammunition. The only solution I have is to compensate by aiming high.

I fired a few magazines in order to get an idea of how low I was shooting. The ball park figure is six to eight inches low with FMJ target rounds, and ten to twelve inches low with JHP +P rounds.

After I determined where I needed to aim I did a test run of strictly head shots. I determined that I am capable of making well aimed head shots as the Mozambique Drill requires (I hit 7 out of 8).

I switched back to the Mozambique Drill and found that all shots improved, but my head hits were still minimal. I was almost there, but not quite.

I continued to practice, and shot from various angles: straight on, far right, far left. When I was out of FMJ target rounds I switched to JHP +P rounds.

First I shot with Speer Gold Dot. It's not the greatest round for me, which is why I had extra. I did the drill from various angles again with the same results. Most of my shots were low. Very few head hits (though the misses usually ended up in the high chest area).

When I was out of Gold Dot I switched to my favorite .45 ACP round, Hornady TAP. The results improved slightly (tighter groups), but were again low (even though I was trying to compensate).

I am of the opinion that this particular drill is tough. I shoot low (whether it's me, the gun, or something else I don't know). When I compensate for that I can make good head shots. I just can't seem to do it all that often after making a center mass double tap.

I want to practice this drill more. It really challenges me, and that is what I need to do to improve my shooting skills.

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