Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Stuff

I recieved my knee pads from BLACKHAWK! today. I picked them up for ten bucks on sale, so I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, and they don't appear to be. I tried them on, and I'm not sure they're even wearable. A few movements left me doubtful of their usability. I'll try them out this weekend and see what's what.

I also ordered these today:

They're Oakley SI Assault Gloves. They cost more than five times as much as the knee pads, and they had damned well better live up to the price as I've been unimpressed with the durability of my Oakley sunglasses (the paint has been peeling off the frames). My intention is to use them when shooting. I've seen them around, most recently in this picture (from this article):

The gun in the picture is the Remington ACR, which I have recently fallen madly in love with. Unfortunately, it is only available to the military at the moment. However, there is hope that it will soon be available in a civilian model. I might be able to afford it one day if that is the case.

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