Friday, October 30, 2009

Gearing Up

Since I sold my car I decided to use a bit of the money to shorten my 'Wants List.'

I bought a little over 300 rounds of .45 ACP and 150 rounds of .223. I picked up another PMAG (bringing my total to five) for my M&P15, and a cheap holster to keep my .357 in. Also for the M&P I bought a offset flashlight mount made by Daniel Defense, an ambi sling mount that requires no tools to put on, and a Magpul sling.

I also dropped some bucks on new camping gear. The first thing I replaced was my heavy Coleman tent with a Eureka Solo Backcountry. I picked up a Therm-A-Rest sleeping mat. I'm told they are a gift from the gods for camping, and after laying on one that was itself on top of gravel, I believe it. I also bought an MSR Pocket Rocket camp stove. I've never used one of these thing before, but I'm told they're great too.

Next on my list are a couple of items made by Snow Peak: a 3-piece Titanium Cook Set and a Titanium Fork and Spoon Set. I'll probably order these when I get my next pay check so I won't be taking them on my camping trip next weekend (assuming weather cooperates).

I also ordered this, with a black handle:

One of the contractors my company does work for is a big outdoorsman. He spends a lot of his free time mining gold in Alaska. On his last trip up there he picked up one of these knives, called the ULU (universal locking utility folder) from Eagle River Knife Company. He'd had it for a while and it seemed to be holding up well (he's hell on the time he was showing it to me he was using it as a putty knife!). I figured if it survived John Trott, it would survive anything.

Next week should be a happy one for me with all the cool shit that should be coming my way in the mail.

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