Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big day ahead.

Tomorrow I've got a big day ahead of me. There is a lot to do.

First, I'm going to upgrade my fuse box into a modern circuit break panel. It's not really a complicated process, but it will be the first time I've done it on my own. Luckily it's a small job compared to the others I've worked on.

After that I plan on doing some shooting. Not much, as I don't have all that much ammo. I'm going to try speed shooting some ballons just for the fun of it.

Next, I'm going on a hike back behind where I live. I want to scout out a location to place a tree stand and also some places for camping. And it wouldn't hurt me to get a little of the led out. I've been talking about losing some weight. It's time I got some good exercise.

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