Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thoughts on government secrecy.

I was watching an episode of StarGate SG:1 that I'd never seen before, "Heros", when a character, a reporter, said the following:

"These people are risking their lives for us? I want to see what they're going through, even if they don't want us to. And I want other people to see it. What do you think they're doing out there, protecting and defending SECRECY? That's a world of Mao, and a world of Stalin, a world of secret police, secret trials, and secret death. You force the press into the cold and all you will get is lies and innuendo. And nothing, NOTHING, is worse than a press that is in service to the military and the politicians. Nothing!"

I have to agree with most of that. Soldiers aren't dying for secrecy. And their deaths, and successes, shouldn't be shrouded from the people they're supposed to be protecting and defending. Sorry, but if revealing the truth makes them uncomfortable...too bad. If it puts them in danger, well, they claim to be risking their lives for our freedom. Part of that freedom is knowing what the fuck is going on in our names.

Terrorists like to claim that US citizens are legitimate targets because this is a country with a government 'of the people.' If that is so, any wrong of our government is our fault. That means if they fuck up, it's on all of us. They're right, in principle.

I'm willing to take the risk of being blamed for my government's wrongs, BUT only if I know exactly what the hell my government is doing. Otherwise I'm just a subject, and I have no real control, and I sure as hell can't be blamed.

I want to know what's going on in every aspect of my government because if something is wrong with it I can't attempt to change it if I don't know.

The first thing that is wrong with the US government is that none of us citizens know. The first step to make this a real free country, one that is worth dying for, is to end the secrecy.

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