Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some people just piss me off

My mother has wrecked the last two cars she's had because she is an alcoholic and an idiot.

My sister (who is 16) used savings bonds left to her by my grandfather to buy herself a vehicle. It's not ideal for her, and she's in a situation where it wouldn't hurt to get something a little different so I offered her the best deal I could for it. She declined.

No big deal. It would have benefited us both, but she likes it and wants it. And after all, she bought.

Now, it's in my mother's name because my sister is a minor. My sister doesn't have a driver's license, and the thing is just sitting around. I opined that she should sell it to someone, period (it's been driven by other idiot members of the family with no tag, no insurance...there's a good way for her to lose her investment).

My mother says she's going to park it at her house. I said I'd laugh if it just sat there. Then she hits me with, "Well, it's in my name. I'll drive it before I let that happen."

Um, no.

I made it clear I'd be damned if I let that happen. I offered to buy it, fair value. Me and my sister both benefit. I'm fine with the fact that she doesn't want to sell it, but I won't let my mother take advantage of her child (as she had done all of her children when she could). I won't let her steal what doesn't belong to her and then destroy it.

Hopefully someone will offer my sister a better deal than I was able and none of this will come to pass.

It makes me sick what a loathsome parasite my drunken mother can be.

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