Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Watched Beowulf

I just finished watching Beowulf. This movie is such a travesty it made me sick to my stomach. Hollywood is good at butchering good stories, but here what has been done borders on heresy.

Beowulf is a hero. He is the perfect hero. Hollywood turned him into some kind of weak willed, flawed, LIAR who decided to do the right thing in the end.

That ain't the Beowulf of legend. The Beowulf of legend killed Grendel and his mother. He cut the bitch's head off, then took the head of her dead son for good measure.

Beowulf was not an average man who got lucky, and then lied to make himself seem more powerful. He was everything he claimed to be.

I hope many, many idiotic children fail their literature tests when they skip reading the real story and rent this stupid piece of shit movie.

Flying Spaghetti Monster save me from the coming of Idiocracy.

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Ave said...

I had to laugh--hard--when I read this. Especially the last line! I think I was supposed to read Beowulf in high school, but I've always hated the classics.