Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Speacial Message

I'd just about finished a long, nasty post about people I can't stand. The type of people who make life misreable for an uncomplicated, honest, nice guy like myself.

Then I realized they're just not worth it. The main reason they've made me so misreable is because I've spent so much time trying to show them that there is a better way of living life, making decisions, and attaining happiness. I did it because I cared.

If they're too blind to listen and open their eyes up to the world around them then there is nothing I can do to help them. I gave the benefit of the doubt, as I always try to do, and I'm paying for that. But that's on me, not them.

I only hope my experiences don't lead me to just stop trying. That's always been my biggests fear. That one day I'll just say fuck it, and give up.

Because I don't know what will happen then.


jhb said...

i already have given up on most people. people do not change, unless they want to. and they typically don't want to, and it's almost impossible to show them how to want to change. to not be a total pessimist though, if someone needs help and i can tell they want to change...i'll be the first to drop whatever i'm doing and help them. to put it in perspective though this has only actually happened twice in my lifetime so far....out of hundreds of events. it's admirable to want to help people change, but it's an exercise in futility. your eneegy and time is better used finding better people to surround yourself with. just my opinion though, your mileage may vary.


Ave said...

Wow, I haven't heard the expression "Your mileage may vary" in YEARS. Kinda makes me nostalgic. lol

Someone once told me that unhappy or pessimistic people are attracted to happy people. Not attracted in a romantic way, just they gravitate toward happy people. I've found this to be generally true. When I'm a happy person, I get lots of people who feel the need to express to me why their lives suck. Cynics. I'm not exactly sure how this relates to what you've said, but in my mind it seems to.

I will say that I've noticed that when I try to make people see that life can be happy they don't seem to believe me. Not that their lives are so much worse than the next person's, just that they have trouble seeing their own happiness. Does that make sense?

In my teens I found it difficult to be happy (I hereby blame this on teen angst--that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.). I found that when I committed myself to being happy with what I had, even though I was always striving for more, I could BE happy. But I also know from experience that it's not the things other people tell you. Unhappy people can't SEE that there's joy in life even when we're not where we want to be yet. It's not something an outside force can do for them. It's something they have to do for themselves. Until that point, everything you tell them is going to seem like idealistic nonsense.